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Solar energy use in Lucknow reduces government electricity bill by Rs 7.42 lakh

According to reports, use of solar appliances has helped in reducing government’s electricity bills by Rs 7.42 lakhs. This became possible after solar appliances helped in generating an average of 1.83 lakh units of power every month for Lal Bahadur Shastri Bhavan which is better known as the state annexe.

The development has given officials in the power starved state a reason to smile. There are some 20 government buildings in the state that consume volumes of power each day to fulfill the usual demand of lights, fans and air conditioning. Electricity is also needed to run the elevators and provide a back up to computer servers.
The energy saved would therefore be a significant contribution to the pool.

Take the example of the state annexe. As per data gathered from electricity maintenance division of public works department, the annexe building consumed 4.67 lakh units of electricity per month last year. This time however, the average consumption of power stands at 2.84 lakh units per month. This has reflected in the electricity bill for annexe. Against an average bill of 18.91 lakh per month in the previous year, the annexe building’s power consumption generated a bill of Rs 11.49 lakhs per month. Considering the trend, experts estimate an overall saving of Rs 89 lakh units for the year.

In another development, energy saving efforts undertaken by officials at Bapu Bhavan – a complex of offices for government babus – have been able to bring down their electricity bills from 3.38 lakh units per month in 2010 to 2.28 lakh units in 2011.



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