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Carbon Clean Solutions receives £3.5 million from UK DECC

Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS) , a company that develops carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology. The company has developed a new class of solvents APBS, patented by Carbon Clean Solutions, that has been specifically developed for carbon capture from power and industrial  plants. Individual savings on capital and operational expenditure are expected to be of the order of 20% and 30%, resulting
from lower heats of dissociation, lower solvent degradation (therefore longer effective lifetime) and a lower corrosive effect on plant materials.

CCS  is receiving a grant of £3.35 million from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The Company was chosen amongst numerous applicants under the competition for development of carbon capture and storage innovation and will utilize the grant for developing and demonstrating its breakthrough technology

Proposed project named CAPSULE (CO2 Capture Solvents for Ultra Low Energy system), involves capturing carbon dioxide using regenerable advanced solvent patented by Carbon Clean Solutions combined with improved energy integration in the CO2 capture process.

The grant money will be used to demonstrate and perfect highly energy efficient technology patented by Carbon Clean Solutions for carbon capture (CO2). The technology captures carbon dioxide from large scale emitter like power and industrial plants using proprietary regenerable advanced solvent combined with unique process design. The step change solvent increases the efficiency and significantly reduces the amount of energy required for carbon capture, thus, making CCS technology cost effective. A special feature of the technology patented by Carbon Clean Solutions is, that it can be swapped directly with amine-based solvent used in existing carbon capture/recovery plants. No process modification or new equipment change is required and CO2 captured is ready for sequestration/reuse and can be transported to suitable storage locations using pipelines.

Imperial College London, UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Council (UKCCSRC) and PSe (Process Systems Enterprise) will be working as research partners on the project.

Advanced solvent degradation and corrosion testing will be conducted at Imperial College, while PACT (Pilot Scale Advanced Testing Facility) facility under UKCCSRC will be operated to pilot test the performance. PSe will be engaged as modeling expert to simulate and extrapolate scale-up performances using industry accepted gprom software.

The funding announcement by DECC will provide Carbon Clean Solutions with both credibility and required capital to support technology demonstration. The company expects its CO2 capture technology is suitably placed to deliver a step-change in performance and anticipates active engagement with customers for carbon capture projects.


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