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Madurai Kamaraj University to tap wind power

According to reports, along with tapping of solar power, Madurai Kamaraj University here is planning to set up a windmill also to meet its increasing energy requirements.

To seek funding support from the State government for its energy initiatives taken up under the ‘Green Campus’ plans, Vice-Chancellor Kalyani Mathivanan has sought for an appointment with the Chief Minister to apprise her about the varsity’s financial needs and the progress made in recent months. “There is scope to tap wind energy too, and talks are going on to this effect. It must be noted that the Chief Minister is giving importance to the energy sector,” she told The Hindu on Saturday.

Since the university is situated on the foothills of Nagamalai hill range, establishing a windmill would be an ideal option. The university had been taking several steps to become self-reliant in meeting electricity requirements and the proposals for solar and wind energy plans were part of those efforts. “The State government is seriously contemplating on promoting renewable energy sources and the university will try to get financial grants from every possible source,” she said.

Discussions were in progress with the agencies concerned to finalise the plans and push solar and wind energy generation on a large scale.

The Chief Minister’s support would also be sought for introducing integrated courses and infrastructure projects taken up recently. Funds to come under the 12th Plan proposals from the University Grants Commission and grants under the University with Potential for Excellence would give further impetus.

The university departments had been asked to have separate electricity meters to bring about accountability and responsibility in power consumption. “Since 1994, the functioning of the departments was not reviewed individually. So, the system is being decentralised,” she added.

Space allotment for teaching staff was also looked in to recently and adequate seating arrangements would be provided to junior faculty members also.

The university had completed academic audit in consultation with the Heads of Departments and Chairperson of each school.


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