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Border villages to be illuminated with solar power

According to reports, the central government has approved the project to illuminate backward villages on the Indo-Nepal border with solar energy under the border area development scheme.

The service would be free for the villagers and the responsibility of looking after the solar street lights would be entrusted to the villagers themselves.

A large part of the district comes under the Sohelwa forest division which is spread across 452 square kilometers and includes several gram panchayats of Gaisdi, Pachpedwa, Haraiyya and Tulsipur development blocks.

About 100 villages of these are located on the Indo-Nepal border and the development in these villages is confined to files only, with most not even electrified.

As part of the scheme, 100 solar street lights would be installed in the first phase in villages adjoining the border under Gaisdi, Pachpedwa, Tulsipur and Haraiyya development blocks of Bahraich district, and for this, Rs 25 lakh would be spent.

District finance and statistics officer Rajesh Kumar Singh said the process of selecting villages to be benefitted by the scheme has been started.


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