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Rooftop solar units under Anert’s scrutiny

According to reports, as part of setting up 10,000 rooftop solar power units across the state, the Agency for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) is scouting for experts to inspect the quality of the power units being set up.

“We plan to set up a panel of experts in all districts to ensure that the solar power units being installed by different companies on rooftops stick to the safety standards and quality. We hope the retired engineers from the Kerala State Electricity Board or ANERT, with at least 10 years of work experience, would come forward to join the panel”, said ANERT director P Valsaraj.

The empanelled engineers will be trained and provided with technical information required for inspecting the plants would be provided. At present, over 4,000 people have expressed interest for setting up solar power units being rolled out with the subsidy of Union and state governments.

The experts (engineers) would be empanelled district-wise. The district offices of ANERT would coordinate the inspection of completed power plants. The empanelled experts are required to obtain the details of the power plants from the district office, physically inspect all components of the rooftop power plant and submit the report to the district office.

Subject to approval, the empanelled engineers would be eligible for an honorarium of Rs 775 for inspecting each plant.

According to ANERT authorities, the selection of companies competent to set up solar power generation units of 1 KWp (kilowatts peak) capacity is in the final stage. ANERT plans to select at least 20 competent agencies with adequate credentials and national presence.

“We are trying to ensure that the agencies, upon their selection, are willing to set up at least two customer care and maintenance units in the state. We also want to ensure that the services of these companies are available in every district”, the ANERT director said.

According to the rooftop solar power project scheme, selected households will get Rs 1.2 lakh as subsidy. Over and above this, individuals will also have to spent Rs 1 lakh. As a first step, ANERT plans to set up 10,000 roof-mounted solar power units in the state.



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