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Farooq Abdullah Exhorts Global Bodies and Institutions for Collective Action to Promote Clean Energy

While delivering the inaugural address at the Delhi Clean Energy Conference, 2012, held in the Capital , Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that the country needs to tap its potential of renewable energy so that 40% of the country’s population which still does not have any energy, can be provided electricity.

He said that India spends a large share of its budget on import energy. The only way forward is to provided clean energy from wind and solar and India has a very high potential in both these areas. The Minister informed that the cost of solar energy some years back used to be Rs. 18/- per unit and today it has come down to Rs. 8/- per unit.

With the spread on large scale use of solar energy the cost are likely to come down. Further, Dr. Farooq Abdullah informed the gathering that Hydro was immensely potential source of electricity in the country. But the old plan needs to be revamped and more efficient technology used in the waste needs to be put to use in our Hydro Project.

He added that clean energy was a need of the hour and global warming and climate change would lead to vanishing of glaciers, rivers and some of the Islands in the world if corrected action was not taken. He also pointed out that a lot and good work can be done in solar energy in Laddakh, Lakshadweep and the Andaman, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

This was needed to be further extended to other parts of India. The need of the hour is to adopt Green Energy at faster pace to mitigate the global warming and for this, it is imperative that International Communities, banking and Institutions should come forward, he emphasized.



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