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Power Ministry Proposes to Deploy 25 Million LED Bulbs under RGGVY to Electrify BPL Households

Under the Off-grid Solar Applications Scheme of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is providing a subsidy of 30% of the benchmark cost of the solar street lights and home lights with LED luminaries limited to Rs. 81/- per watt peak through State Renewable Development Agencies.

The Ministry is also providing a subsidy of 40% of the cost of the solar lanterns and home lights limited to Rs. 108/- per watt peak through NABARD, Regional Rural Banks and other Commercial Banks to individuals under the Scheme.

Ministry of Power has proposed to deploy about 25 million LED bulbs over the next 3-4 years under the RGGVY program to electrify BPL household and promote LED bulbs under the Super Efficient Equipment Program (SEEP) in the XII Plan. Under the SEEP, the Ministry of Power also proposes to provide financial incentives to fan manufacturers to produce super efficient fans, which will be available in the market at discounted price to the consumers. There is no eligibility criteria fixed in this regards and the product will be available in the market for all.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has no proposal of providing any financial assistance for the manufacture of solar lanterns, home lights and street lights to anyone including Medium and Small Entreprises.

However, Ministry of Power under the Scheme named “Energy Efficiency and Technology up-gradation in small Medium Enterprises (BEE SME Programme) for the XII Plan, BEE proposes to encourage MSME clusters acquire product certification licences from National/International bodies.



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