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Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Projects Employs About 15 Persons Per MW

The Minister of New and Renewable Energy, DR. Farooq Abdullah Informed Rajya Sabha today that according to a study, grid-connected renewable energy projects generate employment of about 15 persons per MW capacity addition. In addition, employment opportunity created in off-grid renewable energy applications is around 20 persons per MW equivalent aggregate capacity systems. These jobs are mainly in the process of installation, operation, maintenance and repair of renewable energy systems.

Ministry has taken the following steps to train local persons and create employment in rural areas including -Course material for ITIs on Solar Lighting Systems, Solar thermal systems and small hydro has been developed and disseminated to ITIs through Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET), Ministry of Labour and Employment. This material has been incorporated in two-year regular ITI courses of seven trades namely electrician, electronics, fitter, turner, sheet metal works, plumber and welder.

Instructors of seven Advanced Training Institutes of DGET, Ministry of Labour and Employment have been trained and necessary equipment provided to them so that they can further train the instructors in various ITIs.

The Ministry supports the State Nodal Agencies and NGOs in organizing short-term training courses on skill development of local people on installation, operation, maintenance and repair of renewable energy systems. 103 such training programmes have been organized during last two-years to train more than 3000 persons.



One thought on “Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Projects Employs About 15 Persons Per MW

  1. Someone asked me: When a MW grid connected can give 15 jobs/MW, why not deploy the projects in Every Taluka? Why only at three or four places through VGF (Viability Gap Funding) to large corporate? Is it VGF or Election Fund….. well, i did not have any answer??

    Off grid talks about 2 bulbs connection etc, Grid connected, provides many options like solar pumping in the day, flour mills in villages in day and many such small needs…. hence, job creation from many in many talukas….. so, promote 10 to 30 MW to 100 MW per Taluka and Solar PV potential can easily go up to 54GW with 10% Equity and 90% Debt from Government to promote Entrepreneurs of that region with a Board seat in such Entrepreneur company for the initial hand holding, mentoring and then exit after the receipt of the Debt fund with interest to ensure smooth bill payment and also good number of job creation, rather than allotting large projects to few giant companies and help them not to pay corporate taxes by allowing accelerated depreciation by ridiculously funding through VGF i.e Fund the large corporate and allow them not to pay Corporate Tax…..

    It is high time that we UNLOCK the potential of Entrepreneurship in India…..

    Posted by praveen Kulkarni | December 18, 2012, 10:55 am

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