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Kerala PWD offices all set to tap solar power within three months

According to reports, it seems that the Public Works Department (PWD) in the state has wholeheartedly embraced the Kerala State Electricity Board’s mantra of energy conservation.

The PWD is all set to copy a successful energy saving experiment that it tried out in its Thrissur electrical wing office, throughout the state. As part of the scaling-up, the Division offices in all districts in the state will install facilities to generate atleast one kilo watt of solar power, within the next three months.

The Thrissur electrical wing office had recently installed 1024 watts capacity solar panels which generates 5 units of power a day. In place of the usual mono-crystalline modules, the PWD Electrical wing has proposed flexible thin film triple junction technology, which was piloted in Thrissur and found effective.

Unlike the mono or poly-crystalline modules which generates not more than 3.5 units of electricity a day, the thin film technology generates 5 units of power, that too in shady conditions. The best part of the new technology is that unlike the glass-covered solar panels from China, this one would not strike work if a coconut or a tree trunk fell over it. Unlike the ordinary panels,the thin film panels work from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm, even in poor light. “The initiative is part of our department’s commitment to energy conservation, specially at a time when the state is reeling under power crisis,” said PWD Minister V K Ebrahimkunju. The highlight of the new move is however, the metering and monitoring system which would be part of the shift to solar energy.

The power generated by the solar panels and its utilisation will be metered. This will be monitored from the PWD Electrical headoffice, for which the installation of a special software is being considered. In future, according to PWD officials, the power generation and utilisation would be updated in the official website of the department for public to view. The department also has plans to display boards in front of division offices as part of creating awareness about the project.



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