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ONGC’s highest natural gas output for November from Gujarat

According to reports, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd ( ONGC) has achieved highest natural gas production from its Gujarat gas fields for the month of November, a statement from the union ministry of petroleum and natural gas (MoPNG) showed.

As against the planned monthly natural gas production of 95.87 million cubic meters (mcm), ONGC produced 153.992 mcm of natural gas from its Gujarat assets during November, achieving 160 per cent of the planned production. This is the highest production achieved among other exploration companies in the country for the month.

Data from the MoPNG showed that overall planned target for gas production for November was 3427.831 mcm. This included production of coal bed methane (CBM). Exploration players including ONCG, Oil India Limited and other private players or joint ventures achieved 3262.309 mcm of gas production, showing the overall shortfall of 5 per cent from the planned production for all the players.

ONGC was nearest to achieve the monthly planned production, as the its overall gas production was short by just 1 per cent. While Oil India’s gas production for the month was short by over 10 per cent from the planned production and private or JVCs fell short by over 9 per cent to achieve the planned monthly natural gas production.

In November, ONGC’s total gas production stood at 1930.374 mcm (including offshore production) against planned production of 1952.120 mcm. Oil India produced total 223.676 mcm of gas as against planned production of 250.300 mcm. Private players and JVCs in the country produced 1108.259 mcm of natural gas, against the planned 1225.411 mcm.

The cumulative total natural gas production by ONGC for the period April-November stood at 15723.858 mcm. Meanwhile total natural gas production by all the exploration players put together was reported at 28043.591 mcm, higher by over 2 per cent from the planned 27468.661 mcm for the period.

However, for the crude oil production, most of the companies reported a shortfall in November. ONGC’s overall crude oil production in India stood at 1860 million tonnes (MT), lower by over 7 per cent from the planned 2007.4 MT. While its Gujarat assets produced 423 MT of crude oil, as against planned 446 MT, lower by about 5 per cent from the planned.

Poor influx, increasing water cut trend and power shutdown had caused the shortfall in the oil production at Gujarat assets, stated MoPNG in its note.

Overall crude oil production by ONGC, Oil India and other private or JVCs put together during the month of November was 3106.883 MT, as against planned production of 3327.286 MT. This showed a shortfall of over 6 per cent.

For April-November period, ONGC’s crude oil production stood at 15002.5 MT, while total crude oil production by all the companies was registered at 25392.417 MT.



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