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Shifting to solar power prove uneconomical for Gurgaon industrialists

According to reports, most of the power generated in Haryana is consumed by its industrial sector. Until the industry adapts to the new sources of alternative energy, there can’t be much hope for the various green initiatives launched here virtually every month. But so far, the government has failed to win the industrialists over to the green cause.

According to Udyog Vihar’s industrialists, shifting to solar power has proved uneconomical for the community at large. Solar cells are expensive – a 1KW plant, with batteries, can go for as much as Rs 2 lakh – but what makes them more cumbersome is their low efficiency and high maintenance costs.

“I don’t think the green enterprise has attained any success here in Udyog Vihar. The whole process of installing a small solar plant and maintaining it is too time consuming and expensive,” said H R Vaish, president of the Udyog Vihar Chamber of Industries.

He added that the only way to get the industry to make this shift would be to introduce solar power on the grid. “Only then will the economics of it make sense. And it will be convenient for industry owners also to opt for solar.”

Very few in Udyog Vihar, or in Manesar for that matter, have chosen to install solar panels and the expensive batteries that this apparatus feeds on. “Solar panels for industry don’t make sense. The best of panel give you only 20% efficiency. And this makes them over-priced both in the short and the long run,” said another industrialist.

State subsidy on solar water heaters and small-scale power plants amounts to about 30% of their price-tag for industry owners. While the government agencies are given as much as 70% discount on the same equipment. “There are no plans to increase the subsidy for industrial users on solar power equipment for the time being,” said an official of the state department for renewable energy, HAREDA.



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