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Faulty solar lights wreak havoc on Ludhiana roads

According to reports, the environmentally-friendly traffic signals installed at Kitchlu Nagar and Tagore Nagar have ended up being mere showpieces.

Looking at reduction in traffic congestion, improved traffic flow and less number of signals out due to power outages, the Ludhiana municipal corporation had installed the two solar-powered traffic lights in Kitchlu Nagar and Tagore Nagar in 2007, as part of the pilot project to harness solar energy.

Mamta Aggarwal, a private teacher residing at Kitchlu Nagar, said, “The decision to install solar-powered traffic lights was an excellent and bold move. But only till the time these were installed. These have been out of order since long as when these lights are working, they only signal red light. And once these are discharged they are just mere show pieces. Instead of improving the traffic flow, these have ended up making the traffic situation more chaotic.”

Roma Gupta, a homemaker, said, “This is a classic example of wastage of public’s hard-earned money. The concerned department should remove these and install regular traffic lights a?? at least these will work when there is electricity.” She added, “If the authorities were serious about energy conservation and being environment friendly then they should have been careful enough to maintain these regularly. Installing solar panels and forgetting about them is not how one conserves energy.” Raju Arora, an advocate residing in Kitchlu Nagar, agrees. He said, “I think the intention to install these traffic lights was good but it was not implemented properly.” The authorities had installed solar-powered traffic lights at a cost of Rs 3 lakh, each.

Ludhiana mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria, said, “I have no idea about the non functional solar-powered traffic lights. But if the lights are not working properly we will get these checked and repaired winthing the next two to three days.”


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