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Four new nuclear power plants in offing, says Kakodkar- Chairman Solar Energy Corp of India

According to reports, four new nuclear power plants are in pipeline in the country, eminent nuclear scientist, Dr Anil Kakodkar said on Monday.

Talking to newsmen at the National Institute of Technology ( NIT) here after its third convocation ceremony, he said Nuclear Power Corporation of India has plans to set up four 700 MW plants for which process has already been initiated.

Kakodkar, Homi Baba Chair Professor, Department of Atomic Energy, said land acquisition for the purpose has already been completed in Haryana while proposals were there to set up two nuclear power plants in Madhya Pradesh.

Pointing out that India stood fourth for resources of electricity, thermal, hydro and renewable resources, he said at present 20 nuclear power plants were operational in India generating 5000 MW power. “To meet the huge demand for power in the country, nuclear energy is the only option. And it would take another 15 years for the country to get self-sufficient in the nuclear energy sector,” he said adding that India has already started work to tap the ample thorium reserves that lie within its borders to generate power from it.

Kakodkar pointed out that once the thorium based plant is operational it will achieve India’s 60-year-old blueprint for thorium-based nuclear energy production. It would generate 300 megawatts of power from thorium more safely than nuclear energy has ever done. Thorium had been repeatedly held up as a cheap, clean way forward for nuclear power. Compared with the uranium-based fuel cycles, thorium produces far smaller amounts of radioactive waste elements – including plutonium, which remains dangerous for tens of thousands of years, he said.


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