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Bosch to entersolar water heater market next month

According to reports, Bosch India, a leading manufacturer of goods and services for the automotive sector would be entering the Rs 200-crore market of solar water heaters from February. Headquartered in Bangalore, this division would be catering to customer bases in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well.

Vidyasagar Halingali, country head, of the Thermo technology Bosch says the companies hopes to capture 10-15% of the market in the next 2-3 years.

The first roll out would constitute solar panels and the solar heating system and Karnataka, Maharashtra and the NCR region would be the main markets. Halingali stated that while the technology and critical components would be provided by Bosch, the installments would be done at the dealers end.

“The heaters manufactured by Bosch would be have a lot of customisation that would help the end customer. We are looking forward to mass projects,” he said. Bosch would also have its own distribution system for the same.

The challenges, according to Halingali, for the market is that the end customer do not know about the presence of innovations. “Post the government’s decision to make usage of renewable sources of energy compulsory, a lot many innovations would come in the market,” he added.



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