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Udumalpet Municipality to set up 3 MW solar park

According to reports, to become self-sufficient in energy sector, the Udumalpet municipal administration is planning to set up a 3 MW solar park at an estimated outlay of Rs. 15 crore.

K.G.S. Shobana, chairperson of Udumalpet Municipality, told The Hindu that the aim of the project was to promote green energy concept and to overcome power crisis.

It would help the municipality save enormous money which otherwise had to be paid to Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) for the power drawn from the grid.

“Now, we are paying Rs. 8 lakh a month on power charges alone to Tangedco,” she added.

The project, once commissioned, will meet the energy requirements of the administration.

It will power 3,131 street lights within the municipal jurisdiction spread over 7.4 sq km, run the generators used for pumping drinking water and to operate fans and lights in various municipal offices as well as municipal schools, all of which computed to be around 250 kw.

“It means that the remaining 2,500 kw out of the total targeted production of 3 MW could be given to the state grid, which is a bonanza for the general public in the wake of power crisis,” Mr. Shobana.

The administration has selected the 4.8 acres of municipality’s land situated alongside Udumalpet-Dharapuram road which was earlier been used to dump garbage.

Now garbage is being dumped at the modern compost yard that came up at Ganapathypalayam a few years back.

Ms. Shobana said the administration, after getting the concurrence of municipal council, had sent a proposal to the State Government seeking grants to offset the capital cost towards the project as well as to get the subsidy given by Union Government for solar projects.


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