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Rooftop solar power panels a big hit in Kozhikode

According to reports, individuals constructing new houses in the city prefer rooftop solar power plant scheme of the state government to bring down the electricity bill.

Over 70 individuals, who are constructing new houses in Kozhikode city, have approached the Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (Anert) for subsidized installation of solar power plants.

Many who own electrified houses have also approached Anert for installing the solar panel.

“Of the total of 288 applications received by Anert, 99 per cent are for installing solar panels at houses,” said C Sebastian, regional project manager of Anert.

“Individuals who consume more than 300 units of electricity are more interested in installing solar panels, as they will have to pay huge sum for hydroelectric power, on the introduction of new power tariff scheme of KSEB,” he said. According to officials with the Anert, individuals from cities are more interested in installing solar power panels as the consumption of electricity is high in cities owing to the influence of climatic conditions. The beneficiaries of the scheme would get around Rs 1.2 lakh as subsidy from the state and central governments. The price of rooftop solar power plant ranges between Rs 1.77 lakh and Rs 2.05 lakh. The selected households will have to spend around Rs 1 lakh for setting up a plant.

Anert has identified 14 agencies for distribution and installation of the solar plants and the beneficiaries can depend on any of these agencies. The unit comprises solar panel with 1 kW capacity, inverter and batteries with 7,200 W hour

Rooftop solar power plants aims to meet the domestic needs of the individuals from 6-10 in the evening and 5-6 in the morning, said Sebastian.

Government offices and banks have also come forward to support the scheme as they could use solar energy directly without installing batteries, he added.

The consumers, who fear of huge bill with the new billing system of KSEB are on a move to bring down the units of hydroelectric power consumption by setting up solar power units.

Those who use air conditioners, water-heaters and washing machines and other home appliances are more in favour of solar panels.

While Ernakulam leads the list of applicants, Wayanad is on the bottom-line with only 45 applicants, said the regional project manager of Anert. Lower number of household using AC due to climatic conditions is cited the reason for lesser number of applications from Wayanad.

According to officials, a plant can be used to produce an average of 4 units of electricity a day. The production will go as high as 6 units during summer and as low as 2 units during monsoon.



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