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Delhi University college harnesses wind energy churned out by Metro trains

According to reports, students and teachers of Kalindi College, Delhi University, have come up with an innovative way to harness wind energy produced by Metro trains.
The project, a part of the university’s Innovation Projects Scheme, aims to use the high speed winds produced by trains, as they move, for electricity.

The team, which consists of 10 students and two teachers, has proposed using small turbines that are placed strategically to tap the energy.

A turbine has a rotator with blades attached to it. When the wind strikes the blades, they start moving and mechanical energy is produced. This mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy which can be stored in batteries.

According to the members of the team that has come up with the plan, entry points of tunnels and the point where the metro moves from an underground line to an overhead line are ideal to place the turbines as the wind speed is higher here.

“So far we have done the theoretical work only using the data on the speed of trains that the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has provided us with. According to our calculations, a turbine should be able to produce around 500 watts of power per hour but we have adjusted this figure for friction and other inadvertent problems on the ground and feel that a turbine will be able to produce around 200 watts per hour,” said Charul Goel, a team member.

DMRC has already given the team the permission to set up one turbine in an underground station as a pilot project.

“We will install the turbine by next week and that is when the field test will begin,” Goel added.

The project was proposed and executed by the Physics department of the college. If the turbine manages to produce 3 kilo Watts of electricity per hour using the wind energy, it would result in saving 448 trees from getting cut.



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