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Rail budget boost for wind power sector

According to reportsRailway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal Tuesday granted a veritable boon to the beleaguered wind turbine sector by announcing a proposal for setting up 75 MW windmill units.

Presenting the railway budget for 2013-14, Bansal announced “setting up of 75 MW windmill plants and energising 1,000 level crossings with solar power”.

He said that as a measure to protect the environment and to promote sustainable development, a railway energy management company will be set up to harness the potential of wind and solar power.

Welcoming the minister’s announcement, Ramesh Kymal, chairman, IndianWind Turbine Manufacturers Association, told IANS: “It is a positive news for the sector. The railways have pan-India presence and can put up the windmills across the country.”

Though railways have been talking about harnessing wind power for quite long, it is only Bansal who has “bitten the bullet”, Kymal added.

“We have been talking to the railways for the past three-four years,” he said.

With the scrapping of accelerated depreciation and generation-based incentive schemes, the Indian wind power sector has lost steam and only the orders from public sector units are giving the manufacturers a whiff of fresh air.



One thought on “Rail budget boost for wind power sector

  1. Just Say BIG NO to accelerated depreciation, instead, create a business / financial model with low cost interest to promote small entrepreneurs to own the project and maintain in remote area…… make corporate companies / project promoters to pay taxes and not to evade through accelerated depreciation….. this will also put a pressure on low cost manufacturers to bring down the cost of equipment which is kept high by few corporate companies, hence, we must avoid capital subsidy and accelerated depreciation….. let corporate / individual / aloo chips manufacturing companies pay the taxes to INDIA…..create a level playing field and allow new players without any subsidy (other than interest subsidy against generation or GBI) or Accelerated depreciation…….Also kill the equity padding by disallowing the AD etc. Allow small entrepreneurs / new generation entrepreneurs own the project with Government nominee on the board to run the machine always, generate power (not just to evade tax thru AD) at low cost with low interest rate and supply and then be paid promptly….. Many have taken AD, but, do not know where there machines are and whether the energy is getting produced or not….. Wind mill power projects are / were only to avoid tax payment through AD and land asset creation, which we must resist, instead, the real power generation shall happen with low cost maintenance with a transparent policy so that small entrepreneurs can provide such services in remote area by creating large number of local jobs……

    Posted by praveen Kulkarni | February 27, 2013, 12:43 pm

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