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Pune Municipal Corporation waste plant to generate 10 MW electricity

According to reports, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)’s Rochem Green plant to generate energy from waste will soon start generating 10 mega watt electricity.

“The plant currently uses 300 metric tonne waste to generate 3 mega watt electricity. It will soon upgraded to take 700 metric tonne waste to generate 10 mega watt electricity,” said Suresh Jagtap, joint commissioner and incharge of municipal solid waste at PMC.

Pune city generates around 1,600 metric tonne garbage every day. Of which, waste to energy projects make use of 375 metric tonne waste.

“Besides, a total 15 more bio gas plants are currently under construction. Once, all of them become operational, they will take care of 75 metric tonne of waste every day. That means we will soon be able to make use of 850 metric tonne of city’s waste for generating electricity,” Jagtap said.

The civic body started tackling the problem of solid waste disposal in a phased manner. Earlier, their sole disposal site was at Urali Devachi, around 30 kms from Pune. PMC had to bear huge transportation cost. The garbage that was being dumped at Urali Devachi was also posed potential threats like leachate mixing with the ground water, foul smell, vectors carrying diseases, and landfill fires (due to trapped methane inside the dumped waste).

Further to this, prime land was being utilized for garbage dumping and sooner or later, PMC would have had to scout for additional land for disposal of its solid waste. With an estimated existent waste of 3 million tonnes and a further input of 1200-1400 tonnes per day of waste generation, the land at Urali Devachi was getting saturated. PMC then started looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for its municipal solid waste disposal.


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