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Gujarat to come up with offshore wind power policy

According to reports, having successfully established a solar power generation park in north Gujarat and a series of wind power plants with private companies, Gujarat government is now focusing on tapping offshore wind power generation potential along its coastline.

Following a positive study report prepared by UK based Atlantis Resources Corporation, the government is now drafting an offshore wind power generation policy that will be announced soon. A senior official with the state energy and petrochemical department said, “The state government expects around Rs 1,000 crore in investments in the sector over the next few years. It has allocated Rs 20 crore in the recent budget to give equity in a first of its kind pilot project.”

The official says that the initial cost of generating per mega watt of power by the offshore windmills has been estimated to be around Rs 40-50 crore. However, it is likely to go down with the upcoming technology. He adds that as compared to solar power parks there is no need of huge tracts of expensive land and there are no issues of displacing people.

“It is more reliable when it comes to availability of power. It is expected that in the long run, offshore wind power generation will be a more viable option than the solar power,” he said.

Atlantis Resources Corporation had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Gujarat government last year to set up a tidal power facility in the state. It would have a capacity of 50 mw with the possibility to increase it to more than 200 mw. The state government has agreed to be an equity partner in the project and render all necessary support. The facility will comprise 50 turbines of 1 mw each and it is expected to cost around Rs 750 crore.

The state government has also lined up first-of-its kind 600 mw offshore wind power generation project by Bangalore based Greenshore Energy Private Limited.


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