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Govt. Committed to Promote Domestic Manufacturing in Solar Energy Under JNNSM

Following the launch of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, (JNNSM) in 2010 the domestic manufacturing capacity of SPV cells and modules has increased from about 200 MW to 2000 MW.

One of the important objectives of the JNNSM is to promote domestic manufacturing in solar energy sector and certain domestic content requirements were made mandatory in various schemes of JNNSM Phase-I. The Government has also extended the benefits of excise duty exemption on finished products and of concessional customs duty on raw materials and equipment required for manufacturing, to encourage domestic industry.

However, recently there have been reports in media of some of manufacturers facing difficulties in operating their plants to full capacity in the absence of adequate orders resulting from intense cost competition with suppliers of imported cells/modules.

On the other hand, from the electricity consumer’s interest point of view, another objective of the JNNSM is to also progressively reduce the cost of solar power. This can be achieved through continuous research as well as through induction of latest, state-of-art technologies.

In this regard, besides increased support to research projects, benefits of concessional customs duty is being provided for imports of the finished solar products/equipments also.



One thought on “Govt. Committed to Promote Domestic Manufacturing in Solar Energy Under JNNSM

  1. Can Government publish with FICCI / CII or the owners of these plants that how Indian manufacturing be cheaper, even if the interest subsidy for working capital is given (based on annual proof of sales in INDIA only) to match international price or even lower than USA or German or First line China products?

    1). We depend on raw material import.
    2). Our interest rates are higher. Few Cell and Panel companies, who are sitting of INTEREST FREE public listed funds, are also unable to sell at international price, so, even if we give interest subsidy is given for Working Capital, how these companies can be competitive??
    3). Order booking has pilferages and the quality issues vis-a-vis efficiency and many are fooling with manually welded / soldered panels for solar lighting applications or residential roof top projects, so how can we believe such vendors due to slump in the market??
    4). How these companies will recover the losses incurred and this will be loaded to the price, so, how will it be competitive?
    5). How to avoid the stupidity of VAT, CST, local taxes or Octroi, work tax or such illogical state and centre taxes and CENVAT havoc, so, the money and competitiveness lies in TAX (MAL or MIS) ADMINISTRATION rather than research as no research will offer you 15 to 30% tax related money drain….Why not Uniform GST throughout INDIA?? and when??
    6). The MPs or Politicians or Administrative officers who are the indirect promoters in few companies (refer to Gosikhurd irrigation scam report in TV), shall answer these as most of these companies (might) have availed the 30% CAPEX subsidy for plant and machinery, yet, not competitive??? So, there is no end to greed, which further increases the electricity bills, which is an unsustainable business case.
    7). Many state cabinets are enjoying buying power during peak time from the Power supply companies (who have indirect investment from MPs, Politicians or Administrative officers), for quick buck, so how can we expect reduced tariff or transparency in Power Generation, distribution and the INTENTIONAL transmission losses (i.e illegal connections to the industries owned by Power Corridor??)…..

    So, the answer lies some where and we are addressing or raising the problems in a compartment way, instead, it shall be a holistic way and call the spades as spades and take quick corrective actions, otherwise, we will be living in Pseudo Economy by fooling ourselves to eliminate the poor PEOPLE (AAM AADMI) from our Country, which is not good and it is quite IN HUMANE despite Wharton, Oxford, Cambridge or IIM or IIT Graduates heading the Corporate companies and few Ministries…. Is this the quality of Education Their Parent’s have given or Is this the INDEPENDENCE or DEMOCRACY which Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership had envisaged??

    First energise these minds to lit up the right lux for their good and INDIA’s good with transparent and learned business plan and let it be appended to the policy to create level playing field and to play by rule book by the new generation entrepreneurs to reduce the tariff.

    Based on balance sheet, many corporate companies (promoted indirectly by power lobby) have taken the debt funds and are unable to pay the debts due to default and the financial institutions are unable to recover these bad debts due to case in tribunals (to hold the land acquired with wrong policy or business plan without any industrial activity!!), politically and powerfully handled / manoeuvred etc.

    These kind of promoters / defaulters have not paid Rs. 2 Lakh crore (40 BUSD!!) since Independence and many Banks, world bank, ADB, corporation banks etc paid loans based on their balance sheet to have NPAs, but, refuse to pay the New Entrepreneurs who do not have a balance sheet !!….. Is this Swaraj or INDIA FIRST culture?? Why can’t we recover the bad debts by selling the land and equipment which will help funding new Entrepreneurs with a board seat to the Government or Financial Institution’s nominee till the debt payment…..

    IPO with certifications from Credit rating agencies, SEBI etc certified the Offer Share price of Rs. 475/ share, but, its value is now Rs. 70/share, hence, the INTEREST FREE MONEY (over rs. 11,000 Crore) through IPO is also spoiled by these greedy Corporate companies (small investors were indirectly looted and the Government and our System remains mute spectator), hence, the time to correct the wrong doing has come and we as INDIANs have to adopt INDIA FIRST approach with transparency to have low cost solutions so that Economic Sovereignty of our Country can be upheld for the sake of Future Generation, otherwise, it would be Greece, Spain or Arab Spring like situation, which is never good for any one at the end……

    Posted by praveen Kulkarni | March 14, 2013, 12:13 pm

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