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Industrial users complain of KSEB’s apathy, encourage board to tap renewable energy sources

According to reports, industrial users of electricity in the state have raised objection to the Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) and Expected Revenue from Charges (ERC) petition of Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) for 2013 – 2014. They also complain that the board is lazy in increasing the production capacity.

“The installed capacity of KSEB’s various power stations in the 2000 – 2001 period was 2409 megawatts (MW) while it was 2654 MW in 2012-13. The capacity addition in last 12 years was only 245 MW, an increase of 10.17%. However, the number of consumers increased by 66.15% to 108 lakh from 65 lakh during this period. Consumption rose by 66.5% to 17,181 MU from 10,319 MU,” observed A R Satheesh, state vice-president of Kerala High Tension and Extra High Tension Industrial Electricity Consumers’ Association.

Industrial users are also concerned about the KSEB not developing alternate sources. “It is high time to tap potential energy sources such as solar, wind, small hydro, co-gen and bio-mass. The KSEB should also encourage private and captive participation in these areas,” said Satheesh.

He also stated that the power factor incentive in Kerala is the lowest among the country’s states. “Madhya Pradesh offers an incentive as high as 10% while Bihar offers 7.5%. Alternatively, KSEB could offer kilovolt-ampere-hours (kVAh) billing,” Satheesh said.

The high-tension and extra high-tension users are also demanding prompt payment incentive from the board.

“The KSEB is getting 2% as prompt payment incentive during power purchase, which should be extended to the consumers. This scheme is prevailing in Maharashtra,” Satheesh added.



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