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Andhra Pradesh issues Government Order to encourage solar power

According to reports, the state government on Monday announced its policy for encouraging solar power production in the state and issued a GO (No. 22) to this effect. In view of the potential to harness solar power, it was felt that net metering facility be provided to the consumers to generate solar power for self-consumption and feeding excess power into the grid when it is not being consumed by them.

AP Transco recently installed 100 KW solar plant at Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad on a pilot basis and is following the net metering facility. As per the new policy, net metering facility will be implemented for consumers who intend to encourage solar green energy and set up solar PV plants at unutilized places like roof-tops, waste lands, buildings of individual households, industries, offices, institutions, residential complexes etc. Subsidy will be provided by the government of India through NREDCAP up to 30% on the cost of the panel up to a capacity of 500 KW without battery support.



One thought on “Andhra Pradesh issues Government Order to encourage solar power

  1. Good Initiative as the Cost of Generation with 30% subsidy and low cost debt fund will be around Rs. 2.5/kwh to rs.4/kwh to the Industry roof top owner considering the Accelerated Depreciation and Tax savings, Diesel Savings (no DG Sets), chaos of no Supply from the State Grid. The COG is now in the range of APPC, hence, it is most beneficiary to the Industry owners considering the 25 years constant bill, which is a huge plus.

    Only concern is the large industry roof top owners, who can supply more than their requirement due to large industry roof top size, less business activity (recession related issues or project delay issues), they will be limited to 500kw, which needs a review at an appropriate time. But, the initiative is very good. Excess energy generated though treated as inadvertent, but, for large capacity, this shall be paid or net metering book adjustment, as SAIL or such large industries can generate more than 500 kw with LOW COST INTEREST RATE INSTEAD OF CAPITAL SUBSIDY. It is also be made mandatory to review the worthiness of Solar PV generator every two years with third party inspection due to subsidies and the real energy generated to test the metering equipment’s working condition apart from State government authorities periodic inspection and monitoring.

    Kindly take note that i had written about this Solar PV Generator on Industry roof top in ENERGY BLITZ which was Published in NOV 2012, and we welcome such Decision. All other States shall go for such schemes to compel industries to generate and release the day power for other activities……. one can read the article and the business numbers by clicking:


    Posted by praveen Kulkarni | March 27, 2013, 9:07 am

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