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​LED bulbs to save Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation Rs 3 crore every year

According to reports, the Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) is installing LED bulbs on streetlights to beat the rising cost of electricity bills and to save energy.

After its inability to take up the solar city project due to financial problems, the HDMC is relying on LED bulbs to save energy. On a pilot project, HDMC has replaced nearly 97 streetlights with LED bulbs and work on installing 72 more bulbs is under way. Earlier, incandescent bulbs were used for streetlights which were not only costly but also consumed more power. HDMC expects to save about 40% in the monthly electricity bills by using LED lights.

HDMC has installed LED bulbs in 49 streetlights from Hosur Circle to KIMS, 48 bulbs from Ambedkar Circle to Suburban police station, and work on installing 72 such bulbs in the street lights from KC Circle to Indi Pump Circle is on, a HDMC source said.

HDMC has given a contract of installing 169 LED bulbs in these three circles at cost of Rs 35 lakh to private contractors who will also maintain these streetlights for five years.

These energy-saving bulbs are durable and can last for over five years. If the bulbs get damaged during the warranty period, the contractor will replace them, said sources.

HDMC used to install incandescent bulbs in streetlghts which were of 250 watts. The LED bulbs are of 72W and save about 40%-60% energy and also last longer. HDMC pay Rs 8 crore in electricity bills every year for street light with incandescent bulbs. There are around 40,000 streetlights in Hubli-Dharwad twin cities with incandescent bulbs. With the installation of energy saving lights HDMC can save about Rs 3 crore every year if all streetlights are LED bulbs, an HDMC officer told STOI.

About six months ago, HDMC decided to replace all incandescent lights with LED bulbs in streetlights in all 67 wards and started the pilot project two months ago.



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