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Coimbatore to Host Solar Energy Investment & Technology Forum, Tuesday, April 9’th

UBM Conferences in association with Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo is hosting the Solar Energy Investment & Technology Forum on April 9 2013 at The Residency, Coimbatore, India.

This forum focuses on helping the large scale industries in and around Coimbatore to understand how to handle SPO (Solar Purchase Obligation) under Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012. It will also discuss cost-effective techniques of implementing solar energy systems to tackle basic power requirements.

The forum will address problems around electricity demand/supply gap and explore the use of solar energy to bridge the gap. It also focuses on clarification of policy norms from the top level representatives of Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency and Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.

Following this there will be discussion from representatives from associations like the Tamil Nadu Spinning Mills Association and Coimbatore Jewellery Association. The forum will also help the industries in identifying customised ways to generate electricity according to their requirements and thus helping them to abide by the policy by case study presentations from the solar industry experts.

Experts from the industry including Dr K Venkatachalam, Chief Advisor, TASMA (Tamil Nadu Spinning Association) and Muthuvenkatraman, President, Coimbatore Jewellery Manufacturers Association will be speaking.

This forum expects representatives from textile, spinning, education, healthcare, automobile, engineering, entertainment and real estate sectors.


One thought on “Coimbatore to Host Solar Energy Investment & Technology Forum, Tuesday, April 9’th

  1. I did request the organiser UBM to raise few important losses to Indian and Tamil Nadu Government in the form of Capital Subsidy or Viable Gap funding for Biomass and also Off Grid / roof top solar PV installations. Another Devil called Accelerated Depreciation to save the tax by breweries, halwais, jewelary, CII or FICCI member companies, has been a great loss to Indian Government. If the taxes would have been collected (pls note 80% AD of project value), Government itself could have established such capacity in 30% of this tax collection and poor farmers in Cauvery could have been given water etc. Please visit this link to know more and request to read all my comments on the holistic study on renewable energy potential to be made at every taluka or district by each state government with Video documentation and GPRS system to identify the evacuation network with official DPR and then invite investors through Vibrant Gujarat or Global Investors meet (which are organised by using public money) to invest in the respective districts or taluka based on such feasibility study for the sustainability without any tax avoidance or additional balance sheet fundning through Viable Gap funding or Capital subsidy

    It would be a good idea to ask for RTI on the following:

    a). How much money is already paid by MNRE and each state on the various off grid and roof top solar pv projects in the form of Capital Subsidy or Viability Gap Funding including Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyut Yojana and Rural Electricity programs for Off grid solar pv projects.

    b). How much amount per project is claimed by the project developers in the name of Accelerated Depreciation (AD is an official tool to avoid paying tax, if a company invests in renewable energy projects like Biomass, Wind, Solar, Municipal solid waste etc) in each state in every project established them in the past 10 years.

    c). How many plants (Biomass and Solar PV off grid / roof top, Wind mills of the past AD regime) are in working condition for which these Free Cash (Capital Subsidy or Viable Gap Funding) and NO TAX PAYMENT (Accelerated Depreciation) to these promoters were given.

    d). Let Panchabuta publish these figures for the public good and also to improve the nation’s economy with such transparency or we can make respective MNRE or its nodal agencies to publish such figures officially on the web site to improve and correct the policy deficiencies or vigilance on non functioning projects and hence recovery of subsidies and accelerated depreciation from such promoters….

    Posted by praveen Kulkarni | April 5, 2013, 9:19 am

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