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$8-billion investments needed to evacuate green power

According to reports, nearly, $8 billion investment would be required to strengthen and develop renewable power evacuation and transmission infrastructure for the planned renewable power capacity addition in next five years.

“We are looking at various options to raise financing for implementing this important report, including through public-private partnership,” said Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah.

Abdullah said that a federal outlay of around $4 billion has been earmarked for undertaking renewable energy activities during the next five years.

Currently, most of the renewable electricity generated within a State has to be absorbed within that State and grid balancing issues limit addition of more renewable electricity beyond a certain limit. In Tamil Nadu, where wind penetration is around 50 per cent in terms of capacity is experiencing such constraint. The sudden addition or withdrawal of wind power from the grid is already causing difficulties in grid operation.

During periods of sudden wind power ingress, it becomes uneconomical for the State to accept wind electricity.

“The emergence of large amounts of renewable electricity around the country is creating new challenges for both the transmission and distribution sectors,” the Minister said.

According to him, wind power is the fastest growing renewable source and it constitutes around 70 per cent of the total renewable energy installed capacity in the country.

Our 12th Five-Year Plan proposals for the period 2012-2017 seek a capacity addition of 30 GW, he added.



One thought on “$8-billion investments needed to evacuate green power

  1. Can the government publish this justification sheet of 8 BUSD need with the locations identified at every Taluka, District, State to know the real map on evacuation for a balanced growth in every state and also ensure the ELECTRIFICATION in the area where there is no GRID or no power in the Grid…..

    The home science or Arts and Science based Secretaries / Ministries have taken some numbers from projects as part of project cost and then arrived at such value will be foolish as it is not with the Renewable energy growth potential in every Taluka of every state….

    The holistic study and Map of grid lines with the existing and future has be with good scientific study with Video documentation of these agencies of having visited such remote area to know the real need of transmission or upgradation requirement…… Just, by assuming a percentage and then the Capacity addition will be another foolish excersise which the Indian Administration is doing (without Engineering back ground to know the real balanced growth of each Taluka or state) and again giving a special status to few states to prove that earlier Administrators were fools as they did not develop with a balanced mind with deployment of funds effectively and no punishment for such wrong planning due to powerful politicians or PMs from some states and taking the projects to their states, while ignoring the other states or the absence of application of Administrative mind on Balanced growth of every Indian state, which was never questioned by Indian Administrators whose job is meant for this……

    If such back up papers are published, then, people in other region will provide the correct input on the web and thus ovreall growth with the correct estimates with right deployment of resources with right costs will happen. If everything is left to irrelavant graduates due to IAS or institutions assigned for this job or wrong consultant’s half truth / reports etc, for planning without the cross check on the ground reality by the PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE with an opportunity for them to raise their concern on web site with clarity….. How sane ful to live be designated as Under developed or backward despite Intelligent people as certified by UPSC. If they are right, then, the result is speaking about the imbalanced growth with wrong application of minds and immunity exists to avoid punitive actions on wrong doing…..Why not we increase public participation in arriving at estimates to develop their own states….. however, based on fund availability and priority or scarce needs, one can plan for growth action and area development with a balanced approach with a well informed system of growth BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE….

    Posted by praveen Kulkarni | April 12, 2013, 12:51 pm

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