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Tamil Nadu leads in renewable energy: report

According to reports, Tamil Nadu has taken the lead in not only meeting its renewable purchase obligation (RPO) targets but also generating over and above the targets, according to a report.

Greenpeace, a global environmental organisation, on Monday released its assessment report on RPO titled ‘Powering Ahead on Renewables: Leaders and Laggards’, which ranks performance of all the states on renewable energy supply and calls for revision of RPO mechanism based on equity principle.

The state generated 213 per cent of its RPO target largely due to policy support and investment in wind energy. Last year, it had come out with a solar energy policy with ambitious targets.

In all, out of 29 states, 22 failed to meet their RPO targets, which led to a loss of more than 25 per cent electricity that was expected to be generated from renewable energy in 2012.

States like Tamil Nadu, who have been struggling with a deficit of 27,377 million units, could not achieve more due to lack of favourable grid evacuation facilities and incentive mechanism in the current RPO framework. The power ministry needs to overhaul the RPO framework to make it specific to the states requirements and potential, it pointed out.

Anand Prabu, energy campaigner, Greenpeace India, said the overall cumulative targets set by various state regulators was 5.44 per cent, whereas the national target was 7 per cent, resulting in a deficit of 1.56 per centage points. This translates into nearly 14,268 million units of electricity from renewable energy projects.



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