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Gamesa 2 MW turbines being assembled in India, china and Brazil

Gamesa’s 2.0 MW turbines are consolidating their position as one of the company’s most popular products. Since the first 2.0 MW turbine was installed in Zamora (Spain) 11 years ago, 15,000 MW of this platform (7,500 turbines) have been installed worldwide, now that assembly work has begun on 500 MW of these multi-MW turbines in wind farms in China, India and Brazil.

Gamesa’s 2.0 MW platform has become one of the three most installed worldwide, driven by its ability to produce optimal quantities of power and to reduce the cost of energy (CoE). 2011 marked a record for this platform, with the assembly of over 1,250 Gamesa 2.0 MW platforms (2,500 MW). Some 304 MW were supplied to Iberdrola’s Blue Creek wind farm in the US, the facility equipped with the highest
number of this platform’s turbines (152) to date.

Gamesa’s 2.0 MW turbines provide developers with more competitive ratios in terms of investment per installed MW and cost per unit of energy produced, thanks to the versatility afforded by combining a turbine with unit capacity of 2.0 MW with blades that come in five widths – diameters of 80, 87, 90, 97 and 114m – paving the way for optimal performance no matter the site or wind conditions. Fleet availability levels are currently topping 98%.

The 15,000 MW of turbines installed translate into the generation of around 37.5 million MWh of power
a year, preventing the emission of 22.5 million tonnes of carbon and fulfilling the energy requirements
of 11 million households annually.



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