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Smartgrid and Solar energy key to addressing India’s energy problems

According to reports, smart grid is mandatory for the solution of country’s energy problems and solar energy will play a major role in solving the energy issues was the inference drawn after a two day – India power energy conclave-2013 – organized under Energy Expo 2013, jointly by South Gujarat chamber of commerce and industry (SGCCI) and Gujarat productivity council in the city .

The experts gathered at the conclave felt that smart grid could control the loss of electricity occurring during distribution and transmission because smart grid is an arrangement by which the final user gets quality electricity at a reasonable rate. The use of information technology in smart grid could further cut the losses.

During the session, the prospect of India as a solar Super power by 2022 was also discussed at length.

Aswini Dhar , assistant director of renewable energy promotion association (REPA) stated that India’s geographical position is such that it is capable of producing 6 lakh gigawatt of electricity but it is surprising to know that today our engineering colleges don’t have a subject of renewable energy. “The situation must change rapidly, if we want to be a super power,” he said.

Experts in the field like HS Patel, GM of Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Limited (DGVCL), Green Infra Partners CEO K Sreekumar, Ganapati Rao of BS Group, and top officials of Reliance energy among others participated in the conclave at Sarsana convention centre.



One thought on “Smartgrid and Solar energy key to addressing India’s energy problems

  1. Why not these industry bodies publish the following in their web site:

    a). What is smart grid application in their region and how they wish implement in their region as per their understanding with a business plan and financial numbers to cover which all the districts.

    b). What, how, when and Why they intend to implement Smart grid application and at what additional costs and what will be cost increase per kwh due to such additional spending and yearly maintenance. This additional load will be on Common man, hence, needs a clarity due to public property through Government….

    c). There will be cost reduction as the THEFT and DECOITY losses (T & D losses) will also be caught / reduced due to GSM and transparent reading through high quality and latest smart meter applications, hence, by implementing Smart grid, the savings per kwh made by their proposal must also be captured and highlighted to woo the investors and the government to come out with Interest subsidy to prove the good quality equipment over 12 years and not support with upfront Viability Gap Funding or Capital Subsidy or Accelerated Depreciation…..

    d). The Demand side management, its efficiency with transparency with reports readable and understandable to the stake holders, shall be made public after the implementation of the Smart Grid applications to ensure the meeting of the policy objectives….

    If any support is needed, one can hire the services of the expert in uploading such business model and take it to Government to append in the Policy itself, so that many small and large number of Entrepreneurs can be hired to provide service in their native districts with less overheads and employee turnaround or high load on Urban Cities due to Migration due to no jobs in rural area, where the Substations are deployed…….?

    Posted by praveen Kulkarni | April 29, 2013, 8:35 am

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