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USD 4 million project launched to promote clean energy among SMEs in India

According to reports, the MSME Ministry today launched a USD 4-million project in association with Global Environment Facility to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy among small and medium enterprises.

“Of the total funding, the ministry will provide USD 3 million and grant of USD 1 million will come from the GEF for a period of three years to help small units to use clean energy and become energy efficient,” MSME Secretary Madhav Lal said at a Ficci function here.

“It is crucial to change the way we produce, consume and invest and private sector can play an important role in catalysing innovations in clean technology,” Global Environment Facility (GEF) CEO and Chairperson Naoko Ishii said.

Stating the need for these SMEs to become globally competitive, the MSME Secretary said, “We are considering to use industry associations as the platform for creating awareness among their members about saving energy and benefits of adoption of green technology innovation.”

The key activities of the Cleantech programme include mentoring and training, linking of value chain, technological transfer and upgradation, access to capital and scaling up.

“We aim that by 2025 all energy consuming MSMEs in the country shall be energy efficient and will be using clean energy,” Development Commissioner in the MSME Ministry Amarendra Sinha said.

The project will adapt an inter-disciplinary approach involving SME clusters, national ministries, industrial associations, state governments, partner agencies and autonomous research centres in India and abroad to promote innovative technologies in energy-intensive SME clusters.



One thought on “USD 4 million project launched to promote clean energy among SMEs in India

  1. Can you please ask these Ministries to show the source of funds, fund deployment with time horizon with benefits to whom all like a business plan to be uploaded in their web site for transparency, so that real benefits can be seen vis-a-vis the envisaged business model i.e policy model…. simply making statements and spending on the travels or new office constructions to retain their department with such funding, without really showing a transparent business model to these SMEs as to how can they use these funds and in which scenarios, subsidy regime etc, so that they can really avail the benefits and promote the Solar PV power generation on their industry roof top or office roof top without subsidy load on common man…. why not promote interest subsidy, which will also make the benefit availing SMEs to perform and claim the subsidy… capital subsidy at a very high MNRE Capex of Rs.160 to 240/wp, which is can be done at a max of rs. 90wp with interest subsidy….no accelerated depreciation…

    Net metering is the best way to avoid any load on the common man…..instead let these industry enjoy low cost power at rs. 2.5/kwh for the next 20 years with such CAPEX at low interest with normal depreciation……

    Posted by praveen Kulkarni | May 4, 2013, 8:39 am

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