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TNAU’s environmental engg finds more takers over years

According to reports, at a time when the state is struggling to meet the energy requirements of people and industry, the Tamil Nadu Agricultural Univ­ersity (TNAU) has been quietly offering a specialised degree course in Energy and Enviro­nmental Engin­eering for the last eight years.

The course has been conceived to churn out manpower trained in renewable energy and environment has attracted the attention of  youngsters, who till recently were forced to specialise in either energy or environment subject alone. Only TNAU offers a combined energy and environmental engineering degree course in India.

“We take in 40 students every year. Four batches have passed out and most of them have been placed successfully in companies like Reliance Industries and Asia Carbon. The salary range offered at the campus placement were between Rs 20,000 and Rs 50,000 per month,” said Dr S. Kama­raj, professor and head of Department of Bio Energy at Agricu­ltural Enginee­ring Colle­ge and Research Institute (TNAU) in Coim­batore.

Noting that there are not sufficiently trained manpower for manufacturing and installing gadgets for renewable energy like solar water heater, solar photovoltaic cells, wind mills and biogas plants, Dr Kamaraj said through energy environmental engineering, the university was creating engineers who would be capable of producing all these types of renewable sources of energy.

“The students will also get to study about environmental issues apart from varied methods of harnessing power that includes waste to energy concept. They also learn about clean development mechanism (CDM), carbon credits and global warming,” he added.


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