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Andhra Pradesh solar project bidders to extend validity of offers

According to reports, the Andhra Pradesh Power Coordination Committee has asked prospective bidders of solar photo-voltaic projects in the State to come forward with their proposal to take part in the process for finalisation of developers.

The Committee also asked some of the bidders to extend the bid validity and bank guarantee period till September 30, in cases which are now under consideration by the Andhra Pradesh High Court.

The committee asked developers willing to take part in the bids to submit their intent. However, in cases where the High Court has taken up the issue, it has been deferred until getting permission from the High Court.

In pursuance of bids invited by AP Transco for 1,000 MW under the State solar policy, several bidders had submitted their bids for 122 notified locations out of 161 locations published in the request for qualification document.

After evaluation of technical bids, financial bids were opened on March 5. Thereafter, the process of evaluation of financial bids was completed.

Following a meeting of a Cabinet Sub-Committee headed by State Finance Minister Anam Ramnarayana Reddy, it was decided that the purchase price of solar power through the competitive bidding route is Rs 6.49 per unit at all the notified locations.

The bidders were requested to convey their willingness or otherwise within 30 days to supply power at the Rs 6.49 per unit fixed by the Government.

They were also requested to intimate the quantum or modified capacity to enable AP Transco to evaluate further processing.



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