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Reliance Power Solar-Thermal Plant Stalled by Water Delay

According to reports, a Reliance Power Ltd. (RPWR) solar-thermal plant should start up next month after missing a May deadline because Indian authorities failed to lay a water pipeline to the site in time, Chief Executive Officer Jayaram P. Chalasani said.

The 100-megawatt project “is ready to go” as soon as the water arrives, Chalasani told reporters today in Mumbai. The Rajasthan state government is completing the pipeline and the plant should begin generating after testing, he said.

India extended the deadline for solar-thermal plants by 10 months to March and will waive late penalties for the project and another six developments being built by companies including Godawari Power and Ispat Ltd. and Lanco Infratech Ltd. (LANCI), he said.

Solar-thermal plants focus sunlight to produce steam and are valued for their ability to store energy. The 470 megawatts of projects, India’s first to use the technology, also struggled with importing equipment and raising funds, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Joint Secretary Tarun Kapoor said last week.

Reliance Power, using technology from Areva SA (AREVA), invested 21 billion rupees ($383 million) in its project, Chalasani said.



One thought on “Reliance Power Solar-Thermal Plant Stalled by Water Delay

  1. JNNSM or NSM, the MISSION of Central Government, for Solar Thermal power projects has been made to fail by Rajasthan Government or their Officials !! We need to hear from the Rajasthan government, officially to make them pay the Penalties to MNRE / NSM for this delay, as we need to fix the responsibility for the delays otherwise, we can not have good governance….. It would be foolish that the Public authorities are bailing out large corporate companies, by taking the entire responsibility on the Government and hence, the penalty money is saved from the Corporate companies, where as public will be made to pay due to such artificial delays’ shown….. As part of Good Governance, the state authorities shall / must come clean as to why they are making Dr. Manmohan Singh’s flagship NSM to fail miserably, just because of pipeline or water resource issues?? is this a cover up at the expense of State Administration?? We need to hear from the State authorities as to how the same Political party is allowing the Centre government’s visionary program due to such inefficiencies or incompetency ?? Many heads must role….. OR is this a cover up to hide other major issues of the Project developer / Technical Challenges??

    We need to hear from the State authority in writing on this delay in arranging a pipe line to defeat their own political party’s visionary projects and to accept the penalties due to mis governance, if any…

    Posted by praveen Kulkarni | May 14, 2013, 12:27 pm

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