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Nashik district collectorate to get solar energy for electricity

According to reports, the heritage building of the Nashik district collectorate will soon receive solar energy to power its electricity needs. The Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) has undertaken a pilot project of providing solar power packs in six headquarters across the state, including Nashik.

Vijaykumar Ugle the project executive officer of MEDA said, “The Nashik district collectorate was chosen for the implementation of the scheme in which lighting and fans along with select computers will use solar energy for its daily functioning. Regular power connections from conventional sources will also remain uninterrupted.”

The project estimated to cost around Rs 42 lakh will have solar panels and battery pack systems that will store energy and channel the power for regular use.

“It is good that the collectorate has taken the initiative to use alternate power sources and it will set a trend for the others to follow. In the age of e-governance, all that offices need is computers and printers and they are capable of running on solar power packs. This can easily help spread the message of solar power packs,” he added.

Though the collectorate has a much larger load than 20 kw, the system is designed to include all basic uses of energy – lighting and fans along with computers and printers. “Air conditioning and refrigerators will run on conventional sources of energy. We are attempting to reduce dependency on conventional sources of energy, to a certain extent. Power unused is power saved and that is bound to have a positive impact on the minds of the youngsters who visit the office,” Ugle said.

The power pack is likely to be built on the roof top of the district treasury office (DTO) building inside the campus of the district collectorate.



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