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These houses in Indore wake up to solar energy advantage

According to reports, realizing benefits of power generation from solar energy, three houses in Indore have gone for solar plant.

Envis Technology deputy CEO Uday Bhole, who has worked closely on some domestic project says, “Though solar power plants are being used in commercial set-ups, including industries and at few public places like parks, college campus, a solar plant at home is always advantageous.”

According to experts, for domestic use a minimum of 1500 watt panel is required, which can extend up to even 3200 watt depending on requirement. In Indore, these three plants are located at houses in Gulmohar Colony, Shalimar Township and New Palasia.

Managing director of a private firm, Ambrish Kela, who has plant at his Gulmohar Colony residence, asserts the idea is to use ‘clean energy’. “Use of thermal electricity and automobiles are two biggest pollutants across the world. To use solar energy for domestic purpose is a way to contribute to clean energy and it’s a way of living a green lifestyle,” Kela says.

A businessman, Pranav Patel, has recently set up 10-panel solar power plant at roof top of high rise residential building in Shalimar Township. The panel has a capacity of 2250 watt electricity generation and it generates 7-8 units per day. Patel says, “I was using solar power panels at my factory, but the idea of having a plant at home struck, which was innovative and advantageous. Around eight units of power are used up each day.”

At Patel’s residence, out of 2,250 watt capacity 10-panel solar power plant, each panel has a capacity of generating 225 watts of energy. Another plant at New Palasia home is a 32-panel affair with a total capacity of 3200 watt. On an average, a solar power plant setting up costs Rs 3- 3.50 lakh.

Raj Patel, who has got the plant at his New Palasia house, says though it is quite an expensive affair, it will be hugely beneficial in a long run. “Using diesel for inverter was again not a clean source of energy. With solar power plant, dependency on conventional source has reduced. I have been looking for this kind of set up, but earlier, it was quite expensive, but now with a view of a long run investment, I find it affordable,” Patel adds.



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