Indian belief associates the origin of life with the five basic elements (Pancha – five, Buta – Element) of Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Space (ether). In Sanskrit, these elements are referred to as Vayu, Jalam (Apah), Agni, Prithvi and Aakasam.

Panchabuta aims to bring to the global audience, the latest news, articles, features and featured companies in the renewable energy and clean tech area  in India.

If you would like to contribute to Panchabuta please drop us a note. If you are a cleantech company that would like to be showcased please contact us with your company, product/service and contact information and our editorial team will get in touch with you. 

If you would like to send us your press release or story please email the same at pr(at)panchabuta{dot}com.

If you would like us to cover your renewable energy/ cleantech event on our blog and at the event please send us an invite/ email us at event(at)panchabuta{dot}com.

For other communications, questions and queries please contact us at info(at)panchabuta{dot}com


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